A Message from Fr. Frank Pavone

Dear Pro-life Friend:

The moment I finished reading the latest children’s book that our Vice-Chairman, Anthony DeStefano’s wrote – The Seed Who Was Afraid to be Planted – I knew I wanted you to tell you about it.

The reason is twofold. At Priests for Life, we’re committed to making available the best resources for you to convey the pro-life message to your children and grandchildren.

And second, The Seed Who Was Afraid to be Planted may well be Anthony’s best children’s book to date. Composed of playful, memorable rhymes reminiscent of the best of Dr. Seuss and filled with gorgeous full-color illustrations suggestive of Walt Disney’s early cartoon classics, I think The Seed Who Was Afraid to be Planted is destined to become a classic.

But what really impresses me about this book is how it conveys a vital PRO-LIFE message about the sanctity and dignity of the human person.

The book tells the story of a seed who is deathly afraid of being removed from the drawer where he lives and planted in a garden. One fateful day, his worst fears come true and he is taken from his warm, cozy home and buried in the ground. But to his amazement he soon realizes that he is actually growing up to be a magnificent tree overlooking a beautiful sunlit shore.


The Seed Who Was Afraid to be Planted

The story itself builds off Our Lord’s parable of the sower and seed. But here’s where the prolife message comes in. From the time we see the tiny seed inside the “womb” of the Gardener’s drawer, all the way to his development into a fully-grown tree, the seed retains his unique identity and personal individuality – just as the child in the womb does.

That’s such an important message for children to learn, especially today when they are being misled into thinking that the baby in the womb is not a human person at all—and that life begins only AFTER a baby is born.

You and I know that God is both the source and the summit of human existence. He freely created each one of us in His own image. Every child conceived and living in his mother’s womb is willed into existence by God Himself. Because of that, every child has dignity and value and is deserving of everyone’s utmost love, respect and protection.

But there is another lesson in Anthony’s book that I want to point out. And like the story’s pro-life message, this one is for those of us fighting the evil of abortion, as well as for the young ones to whom you read the book. And it has to do with this:

The transformative power of God’s grace.

All of us struggle in our own way to overcome the fear of the unknown. So many things especially frighten children. These fears can be as simple as a trip to the dentist ... the first day of school ... the birth of a baby brother or sister ... moving to a new neighborhood ... the death of a grandparent or a beloved pet. These can literally be traumatic for children.

But as they watch the little seed in Anthony’s book grow into a massive tree overlooking the shore, bursting with fruits and flowers and welcoming the birds to build their nests in its branches, children will learn to embrace these changes and challenges with courage. Moreover, they will be inspired to use God’s grace to turn these challenges into opportunities for growth.

As you well, know, this is a valuable lesson for ALL of us fighting against abortion; especially now when our enemies are continually assaulting us with their slings and arrows. Unfortunately, the attacks on us are only going to intensify as next year’s historic elections draw ever closer. As they do, we can take heart in the knowledge that God loves us, that He will protect us and that one day soon He will lead us to victory over abortion.

In this spirit, I urge you to order a copy of The Seed Who Was Afraid to Be Planted, and read it to all of the young people in your life—or just read it for yourself! With Thanksgiving and Advent just around the corner, you will be glad you did!

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Fr. Frank Pavone,
National Director, Priests for Life


The Seed Who Was Afraid to be Planted

Here's what people are saying about
The Seed Who Was Afraid to be Planted:

“Brilliant and simple!”
— Delilah, Nationally Syndicated radio host

“This book shows that God has the power to turn even the worst suffering into something beautiful.”
— Dr. Ben Carson, U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development 

“An inspiring book about the transformative power of God’s grace.”
— Mike Huckabee, Former Governor of Arkansas

“A tender story of fruitfulness triumphing over fear.” 
— Kathy Branzell, President, National Day of Prayer Task Force

“Anthony DeStefano’s children’s books are always so powerful they make me laugh and cry at the same time—this one is no different.”
— Teresa Tomeo, Syndicated Talk Show Host, The Catholic Connection

“This book works on so many levels. It will help children to overcome all the different kinds of fears they face; it will help them to grieve the loss of loved ones; and perhaps most importantly, it will help them to grow into the kind of adults God intends them to be—joyful, faithful, and courageous Christians.”
— Doug Keck, President, Host of Bookmark, Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN)

“Reading children’s books are a part of my daily routine with three small boys. I tested this one with my five year old. He was completely captivated. The beautiful colors draw both the child and parent in and the story touches upon something everyone experiences, fear of the unknown.  Even at his young age, my son saw the joy that radiated from the little tree in his new life and was delighted that he’d made new friends (another important subject for a child). The book spoke to my little boy’s heart and I’m sure it will speak to the hearts of many.  It’s definitely a book worth a spot on our children’s crowded bookshelf. I suspect it will soon be a favorite!”
Jeanette De Melo, Editor in Chief, National Catholic Register

“This is a beautiful book about the Tree of Life that grows in the center of God’s garden—and in the souls of all his children; for we all have within us the seeds for new, vibrant and abundant life, despite the fears and challenges we must sometimes face.”
Janet Morana, Executive Director, Priests for Life, Co-host, The Catholic View for Women

"5 stars! Not only has Anthony DeStefano truly captured a key parable spoken from the mouth of Jesus, but he has presented it in a way that children of all ages will understand and love!"
The Catholicity Channel

“Anthony DeStefano tells a truly beautiful story with a timeless theme and in a way that will be enjoyed by thousands of people of all ages! Priceless!”
Tim Staples, Director of Apologetics and Evangelization at Catholic Answers


The Seed Who Was Afraid to be Planted