Angels All Around Us
Author Questions and Answers

1. Unseen Spiritual Realities Are Rarely Analyzed By From A Christian Point Of View. What Is The Reason?

I think there are some of Christian books on the market that focus on invisible realities, but not many of them are written in a way that speaks to the general public. In other words, there are books on God, the angels, demons, grace, etc., but unfortunately, most of them are heavy theological works that are rather long and dull. I think the reason for this is that Christians sometimes forget that theology can be exciting and compelling and wonderfully interesting for everyone—not just scholars, academics and theologians.

2. You Are A Successful Business Man And Seem Very Down To Earth. How Did You Get In Touch With This Topic?

I think it is precisely because I am a practical person that I wanted to write about these topics in a way that everyday people could understand. As a thinking human being, I’m naturally interested in ultimate questions concerning life, death and the spirit. I think everyone is. After all, we‘re all headed in the same direction down the same river. So I think it’s a very practical subject to be interested in, because it concerns all of us. But as a practical person—someone involved in business and running organizations and hard work—I’ve been frustrated by the lack of books on these kinds of spiritual topics written in a no-nonsense, understandable way. Basically I try to write my books in order to fill what I perceive to be a void.

3. Angels Seem To Fascinate People All Over The World Intensively. In Your Book You Talk About Angels A Lot. How Would You Explain That Fascination?

I think part of the fascination is that, while angels are completely different from us, i.e., they’re pure spiritual beings; they are also right here with us on Earth, helping us, guiding us, and protecting us. In other words, we‘re intrigued by angels because they are powerful and wonderful creatures, but also because part of their job is to really get involved in our lives—to really “get their hands dirty’’ so-to-speak, in the affairs of human beings. So although they’re very far away from us, they’re also very close. It’s the proximity that is fascinating, I think.

4. What Was The Biggest Insight For You During The Research For Angels All Around Us?

The biggest insight for me was that when you look at the invisible world from the Christian perspective, it’s actually much more interesting and provocative than when you look at it from all the fictional and new-age perspectives you see in the majority of books being published. As everyone knows, there are many books out there on paranormal activity and ghosts and goblins and all the subjects Hollywood makes scary movies about. But the simple, age-old Christian teaching on angels, demons, the devil, grace, God, and what’s going to happen at the end of the world, are so much more exciting and eerie. And what’s more—they‘re true. They‘re not make-believe. And you can really believe them.

5. How Can We Protect Ourselves From Unwanted Spiritual Realities—Like Demons?

It’s very simple. In order to protect yourself from spiritual realities that are harmful or evil, all you have to do is unite yourself to God. Union with God is the ultimate and absolute defense mechanism against all spiritual attacks. In the presence of grace, evil runs, hides, flees. That’s a fundamental spiritual law.

6. And How Can We Invite Positive Energys In Our Lives?

One of the very best ways to is to pray. Prayer puts you in direct contact with the creator of everything, including the whole spiritual realm. It’s like being plugged into an electrical generator. Prayer is the great spiritual conduit. A SuperHighway to Heaven! Prayers go up to God, and he sends spiritual graces of all kinds down to us. The best thing he sends to us, of course, is Himself!

7. What Can We Learn From The Invisible World For Our Day-To-Day-Life?

If you only pay attention to visible realities; i.e., the world of the senses—then you are doomed to live only half a life. And the half you do lead is bound to be shallow and meaningless. Why? Because the most important things in life are invisible: Love, honor, trust, faith, emotion, passion, philosophy, God. The hidden realities of life affect everything you do—whether you know it or not. They affect how you conduct your business, what kind of person you decide to marry, how you raise your children, how you look at suffering, how you face death. The invisible is the lens through which you filter all the experiences of your life. By learning about the invisible world, your life will become much fuller and richer and more balanced.

Copyright 2012 Anthony DeStefano