Anthony DeStefano will help you discover everything that was previously hidden from you. Joan Wester Anderson
Author, An Angel to Watch Over Me

Anthony DeStefano’s latest book, Angels All Around Us, is a modern-day classic! No matter what your level of religious faith—and even if you have little or none—this book will transport you to places in the invisible realm that will challenge, inspire, and amaze you.

Dr. Dick Eastman
International President
Every Home for Christ; and
President of America’s National
Prayer Committee

The increasing secularization of society has led, in the words of Pope Benedict XVI, to a sort of “eclipse of the sense of God.”  Anthony DeStefano’s book, Angels All Around Us, is a welcome attempt to remind Christians of truths which, though mentioned explicitly in the Gospel and belonging to the deposit of faith, in recent decades have been overshadowed.  His latest book is a much-needed effort to utilize modern methods of communication to spread the Gospel message and also to work toward a greater Christian unity.

Archbishop Rino Fisichella
President, Pontifical Council for the Promotion of the New Evangelization,
Vatican City, Rome

Anthony DeStefano brings to life "the hidden world God has created for us," a world that surrounds us but is difficult for even the most convinced Christian to get in touch with, much less the seeker or non-believer. And he does this in a more vivid and realistic way than I would have thought possible. Angels, devils, and grace? DeStefano makes them almost visible. This is a wonderful, compelling book, completely consistent with traditional Christian teaching and common sense – and very, very readable.

Fred Barnes
Executive Editor, Weekly Standard

Sadly, many people today are so materialistic in their thinking that they've forgotten that the most important things in life are unseen and spiritual. Love, honor, compassion, forgiveness, hope–All of these are invisible. Finally, there is a book that makes the whole invisible spiritual world come to life in the most extraordinary and vivid way. Anthony DeStefano's words will inspire even the most hardened and materialistic cynic to begin exploring a richer, fuller life based on faith in a God who is so good.

Nationally Syndicated Radio Host

I may not always agree with Anthony DeStefano, but there is no doubt he is a highly intelligent and witty writer; and assuming the existence of an invisible world, he has produced a very interesting and thought-provoking book about spirituality.

Vincent Bugliosi
Author, Divinity of Doubt; and five NY Times Bestsellers, including
Helter Skelter
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